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Data from the Montreal SPCA reveals a-paw-ling new details on how the pandemic is affecting the province’s stray cat population.

The number of cats spayed or neutered by the Montreal SPCA dropped by about 27% this year, according to executive director Élise Desaulniers.*

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It's a cat-astrophe. Quebec's feral cat overpopulation crisis was already one of the hairiest animal welfare issues in the province when the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the problem, according to one cat rescuer.

The result has been "an explosion of kittens," said Diane Liebling, the chair of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee. "Just an explosion. We could barely keep up."

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A Turkish company has invented a machine that recycles plastic AND feeds stray animals. 'Pugedon' is it's name, and it's pretty freaking awesome! This machine is making its way around Europe and Montreal seriously needs to invest in one.

European countries are known to have many stray dogs and cats roaming the streets of their cities. Istanbul is no exception, with an estimated number of over 100,000 stray dogs.

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