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This Is The Biggest Spider That Actually Exists In Canada

Say hello to Dolomedes Tenebrosus!
This Is The Biggest Spider That Actually Exists In Canada

Spiders. There's just something about them that makes your skin crawl.

It's as if they were designed to look evil and to make humans uncomfortable!

Luckily we live in Canada, so we don't have giant venomous bird eating tarantulas, but we do have some pretty freaky spiders.

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We have Wolf Spiders, Cellar Spiders and even Black Widows, but the creepiest spider you'll find in Canada is this 3.5 inch monstrosity called called Dolomedes Tenebrosus:

Here's one that was found in Quebec

They are commonly found near cottages and waterfronts, especially around rocky areas near the shoreline and on boat docks. They are also called Fishing Spiders, Raft Spider or Dock Spiders.

These things don't just eat insects.Dolomedes tenebrosus is big enought to eat minnows, and they do bite humans! The sting has been compared to that of a wasp.

@calegeschkeembedded via

As if that wasn't freaky enough, they can run on water. So if you thought you could escape the horror by getting on a boat, you'd be wrong.

I hope I didn't completely ruin you plans of spending time at a cottage or lake this summer...

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