This Map Of Montreal's Underground City Will Help You Navigate Through The Festival d'Art Souterrain

There's so much to do that we've barely scratched the surface
This Map Of Montreal's Underground City Will Help You Navigate Through The Festival d'Art Souterrain

Montreal's Underground City is mostly misunderstood as just a tourist trap. After all, who wants to spend their time in a bunch of strip malls connected to one another by sketchy passageways and crowded metros?

However, the Underground City is so much more than that. It is in fact a network comprising of 33km of tunnels, 2000 storefronts, and 9 hotels that hosts 500,000 people every day. Not to mention that the 11th edition of the Festival d'Art Souterrain is on right now.

If you're looking for a fun weekend activity that doesn't involve getting cold and wet, look no further. I've mapped out a fun itinerary for you to do one night when you feel like exploring a lesser-known part of the city and enjoying some great art.

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TL;DR I've mapped out a fun itinerary for you to do one night in Montreal's Underground City. Read on for tips on where to eat, what to do, and where to go.

Use this map to guide you through your evening:

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1. Have An "Apéritif" at Sarah B

Start your night off at the Square-Victoria metro station, near the Old Port. The Hotel Intercontinental is accessible via the underground city. Go up into the hotel to Sarah B: an absynthe bar. This beautiful space will take you back in time with its old-fashioned bar and swanky chandelier. As you sip on your cocktail, prepare yourself for an immersive evening.

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2. Enjoy Some Art

The Festival d'Art Souterrain is a yearly exhibit of the best and brightest international artist. The festival spans 6km of underground tunnels accross various locations. Your first stop is just a few steps away from Sarah B. The Centre de commerce mondial de Montréal is also accessible from Square-Victoria, and it features art from 11 excellent artists.

3. Have Dinner

Before you can truly enjoy all that the Underground City has to offer, you'll need to get some food in your stomach. Walk up to Les Cours Mont-Royal to Takara, and enjoy some truly excellent sushi in a location that feels far away from downtown Montreal.

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4. More Art

Make your way back down to Place Ville-Marie. Climb up to the observatory and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. While you're there, enjoy the work of Alexander Pilis, which allows visitors to look through modified telescopes, which show a different view of the city. Then, make your way to Le 1000 and Place Bonaventure for even more expositions.

5. Stop For Dessert

A great night isn't complete without dessert! Stop at any one of the little cafés in Place Bonaventure for a late-night brownie and tea. Starbucks anyone?

6. Time To Wind Down With A Movie

This is your last stop of the night. After wearing down your soles in Montreal's underground, it is time to head to Scotiabank for a movie, accessible through the Eaton Centre. They have a pretty great selection of films right now!

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