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Tickets For The Next Montreal Canadiens Vs. Leafs Game Cost More Than Your Rent—Way More

Your leftover CERB money definitely cannot cover this.
Ticket Prices For The Montreal Canadians Game Have Skyrocketed

If you're looking to get one of the few tickets that are left for the Montreal Canadiens game on Saturday, May 29, you better hope you've saved some of your CERB money. Ticket prices on the team's official resale site, Ticketmaster, are definitely not cheap.

With prices ranging from, at the time of writing, $1,448 to $8,068, many are wondering why ticket prices are so incredibly high. 

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More than a few people have shared their dismay on social media.

The Saturday game marks the first time that fans will return to the Bell Centre this year.

A total of just 2,500 people will be able to attend the game, following the latest health rules from the provincial government.

Fans will not be able to sit in the first 12 rows.

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