Tim Hortons Is Honouring Some Quebec Essential Workers On Its New Coffee Cups

Is someone you know on the cups?
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Tim Hortons' New Coffee Cups Honour Some Quebec Essential Workers

You might spot some local names next time you take a sip of Tim Hortons coffee. To celebrate heroes across Canada, Tim Hortons has rolled out new coffee cups covered with the names of essential workers and do-gooders who helped their communities at the peak of the health crisis. The limited-edition "Hero Cups" come in 100 unique designs.

Among the names are Dale Langille of Laval who "renewed his nursing license so he could help provide medical care" and Montreal emergency childcare worker Maryse Boivin.

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The cups offer a "Thank You" and "Merci" to the "up to 100 heroes wrapping around the cup," according to a statement.

All of the names come from customer suggestions.

"In June, Tim Hortons asked Canadians to nominate their heroes of the pandemic and a flood of submissions quickly poured in," the company explained in a press release.

"The thousands of heroes whose names appear on cups are a diverse mix of workers: they include health-care professionals, first responders, retail staff, government workers, public transit drivers, social workers, funeral home staff and many others who have made important contributions that helped keep the country running during these difficult times."

Tim Hortons doesn't know the exact number of Quebecers who appear on the cups, but a spokesperson told MTL Blog that it received at least 175 nominations from the province.

"There are so many Canadians who have stepped up in incredible ways since the beginning of the pandemic," Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons, said.

"With our Hero Cups, we can all take a moment as we're having a coffee to read through the names of some unsung heroes of the last few months."

"They've been the backbone of our communities during these extremely challenging times and this is another way of saying thank you for everything they've done," she continued.

Tim Hortons customers can search for specific names or view random cups on the company website. Though "due to an overwhelming number of Hero Cup nominations," Tim Hortons wasn't "able to feature the name of every essential worker that was submitted."

The cups became available at Tim Hortons locations across Canada in the week of August 31. 

Is someone you know on the cups?

Thomas MacDonald
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Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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