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A New Survey Reveals 67% Of Quebecers Believe We Need More Laws To Protect French

The majority of Quebecers are "pessimistic" about the future of French language in the province, according to Leger's survey.
A New Survey Reveals 67% Of Quebecers Believe We Need More Laws To Protect French

According to new data released by Leger on November 9, a large percentage of people in the province are worried about the future of the French language in Quebec.

This data comes from a survey conducted in early September 2020 by the Lionel-Groulx Foundation and Mouvement national des Québécois, in collaboration with Leger.

In total, 62% of survey respondents revealed that they're "pessimistic" about the situation of French in Quebec.

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67% think more legislation is needed to protect the French language

This pessimism relates to 59% of respondents saying they're concerned about what will happen with the French language in Quebec in the next 10 years. And an even higher number, 67%, believe "the Quebec government should adopt or strengthen laws to improve the situation of French in Quebec."

Of all the options the survey laid out for possible measures the government could improve/adopt, the most popular one was "Ensur[ing] the necessary financing for the francization of all new non-French-speaking arrivals," to which 80% agreed.

The survey only received 1,011 responses, so its sample size is small compared to Quebec's total population of over eight million — meaning we can take the data found in this survey with a little grain of salt.

A majority of people who responded to the survey (77%) marked French as their language, and 23% chose "English or other."

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