A New Petition Against Quebec's Controversial Transgender Bill Has Gone Viral

The petition stresses that Bill 2 would go against "the human rights of Québec citizens."

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A New Petition Against Quebec's Controversial Transgender Bill Has Gone Viral

A recent Change.org petition addressed to the Government of Quebec seeks the rejection of the introduction of Quebec's controversial bill, Bill 2.

Bill 2, which was recently proposed by the CAQ government, would require transgender people to have surgery in order to change the sex on their birth certificates and seeks to separate "gender" and "sex" into two distinct options.

"An application for a change of the designation of sex that appears in a person's act of birth must be accompanied by [...] a certificate from the attending physician confirming that the medical treatments and surgical operations undergone by the applicant make it possible to conclude that there has been a structural alteration of the sexual organs," the new bill reads.

Besides just the proof of surgery, Quebecers who want to apply for a sex change on their birth certificate would also require a note from a second physician to confirm that the treatment was successful, the bill states.

The person who started the petition, Chloe Sena, claims that the introduction of Bill 2 open up the transgender community to "even more discrimination than they already face."

Similarily, in an interview with La Presse, Pascal Vaillancourt, Executive Director of Interligne, a support centre for LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones, described Bill 2 as "violent" for transgender people and said many have told him "their identity is being invalidated" by this newly proposed bill.

At the time of writing this article, the petition had over 3,080 signatures.

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