An Old Jail 1.5 Hrs From Montreal Has Night Ghost Hunts If You Want To Sh*t Yourself

Close this article now if you're afraid of the dark. Cornwall, Ontario's former SDG Jail is set to host nighttime ghost and paranormal activity hunts this September and October.

The event is organized by Ontario-based haunted tour company The Haunted Walk and Phantoms of Yore.

Participants will sit through a "full briefing on the haunted history of the site" — which, according to the company website, includes murders and executions — to set the mood before heading into the 19th-century building to search for any lingering ghouls or lost souls.

The Haunted Walk website indicates that ghost hunters will also receive the necessary equipment for their search.

The "paranormal investigations," as they're called, will take place on five dates: September 17 and 18, and October 22, 23 and 29.

There are several starting time slots available, ranging from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Each 3.5-hour experience can accommodate a maximum of eight people.

Get the details below.

Night Ghost Hunts At Cornwall's SDG Jail By Haunted Walk

Price: $69.99


September 17 and 18, and October 22, 23 and 29
Multiple starting times every night

Where: SDG Jail, 11 Water St. W., Cornwall, ON

Why You Need To Go: To empty your bowels and/or enjoy a good scare searching for paranormal activity


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