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Canada Has Officially Banned 'Commercial' Dog Importation From 100+ Countries

The ban comes into effect today! 🦮

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Dog inside a carrier.

Dog inside a carrier.

Starting September 28, the Government of Canada is closing its borders to "commercial dogs" coming from more than a hundred countries.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says the new measure, coming into effect on World Rabies Day, is intended to "protect Canadians and their pets, and to reduce the risk of introducing dog rabies into Canada."

The list of countries considered "high-risk for rabies caused by canine-variant viruses" includes nations on every inhabited continent, save for Australia. The CFIA makes clear that it will regularly review the list and so it may change over time.

The term "commercial dog" refers to canines intended for "resale, adoption, fostering, breeding, show or exhibition."

Although Canada didn't have any active cases of rabies in dogs as of June 28, the feds noted a 2021 case in which infected dogs were imported into the country.

The CFIA calls rabies a disease that's "100% preventable" but "99% fatal" for symptomatic humans and dogs.

"The importation of even one rabid dog could result in transmission to humans, pets, and wildlife," it explains. "If a person is exposed, they need to undergo serious medical treatment."

Other regulations could be on the way. Online, the CFIA says it will "explore options to further strengthen the requirements for the import of personal pet dogs and assistance dogs from these countries at high risk for dog rabies."

Import permits for commercial dogs from the targeted countries all expired on September 27. As of September 28, officials are no longer granting those permits and shipments are no longer allowed.

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    Charlotte Hoareau
    Staff Writer
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