Winter in Quebec is full of magical and festive activities to take part in. And Mont-Tremblant is a spot where something is always happening during the snowy season.

One of the many activities found in Tremblant during the winter is dog sledding

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Dogsledding has a longstanding history as a part of Quebec and Canadian culture.

Tremblant Dog Sledding

And what better way to enjoy winter than with some furry friends?

We're told that the "lovely family of sled dogs are treated with the utmost care and exceed all local treatment and care laws."

And that these pups "live for the snowy mountains."

The website confirms that "they are allowed to open and operate for groups of up to 8 people" until January 10 and they are "are hopeful that [they] will be able to continue after these dates."

Locals to Tremblant can take in the stunning mountain views and woodland scenery as they drift through the beautiful white snow. 

The trail lasts approximately one hour and ends in the sweetest way: with cookies and hot chocolate. 

There is even a chance to buy photos on-site at the end! 

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