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Legault Just Explained How Wearing A Mask In Restaurants & Bars Is Going To Work

The mystery has been solved.
Legault Just Explained How Wearing A Mask In Restaurants & Bars Is Going To Work

During his public briefing on July 13, François Legault announced that as of next Saturday, July 18, it'll be mandatory to wear masks in all "enclosed spaces" in Quebec.

If you're like me, the thought "how the heck is this going to work?" probably crossed your mind when you read that. Because... how does one eat in a restaurant while a face mask is covering their mouth?

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Starting next Saturday, July 18, masks will be mandatory, everywhere in Quebec, in all public enclosed spaces... Yes, including restaurants.

Premier François Legault

Well, Legault explained it to us. Basically, the notion of having to wear a mask is only mandatory while you're moving around.

The premier explained that once you're seated at a table, with the less than 10 people you came with, and two metres away from others, you can then take your mask off. No need to get your mask full of food.

For now, it's going to be up to business owners to enforce these rules. Legault informed everyone that failing to comply with such regulations could result in $400 to $6,000 fines for the owners.

Via Premier François Legault

During the same conference, the premier announced that masks will soon be mandatory in all indoor spaces. He also reminded Quebecers that although vacation time is approaching, COVID-19 doesn't take any time off.

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"Construction holidays are coming, but we know that the virus doesn't take vacations."

So, this is why the government is continuing to enforce new rules in order to keep citizens safe.

As of Monday, July 13, it's officially mandatory to wear a face mask in all Montreal public transit

So, with that, and the fact that the date for the enforcement of masks in all enclosed spaces in Quebec is rapidly approaching, seems like it's about time we all get used to bringing one with us everywhere we go.

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