François Legault Shared His 6 Favourite 'Quebecisms'

One expression is also the title of a song by a racist songwriter.
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François Legault Shared His 6 Favourite 'Quebecisms'

Over the weekend, Premier François Legault posted a list of his favourite 'Quebecisms' — common idiomatic expressions used by Quebecers to express a range of emotions from joy to rage. 

MTL Blog looked into these expressions and while some are silly and relatable, one of them is also the title for a song written by a known racist.

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"Lâche pas la patate"

Literally meaning "don't let go of the potato," this idiomatic expression actually means "don't lose hope."

This expression is also the title of a song released in 1972 by Jimmy C. Newman, a Cajun musician from Louisiana.

The songwriter of the song "Lâche pas la patate" was known for consistently using racist and white supremacist language in his lyrics.

"À la bonne franquette"

This one means "to do things simply and without complication," the expression is often used when referring to a potluck dinner with friends.

"Se payer la traite"

This expression means "to have a good time" or "to treat yourself."

The term "la traite" can refer at times to the slave trade, but not usually when it's on its own. The "Je parle québécois site" says it was a commercial debt back in the Middle Ages.

"Avoir de la broue dans le toupet"

This expression surprisingly has nothing to do with beer.

It actually means "being very busy" or "not having time to do your work," which I'm sure we can all relate to!

"Être tricoté serré"

This expression is almost a direct translation of the English expression "close-knit."

In French, it literally means "to be united by a strong bond."

"Avoir son voyage"

It's actually not about vacations but does indeed relate to how we're all feeling about travel restrictions.

This expression means "to be really frustrated with" or "to not want to deal with things anymore."

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