During Premier Legault's announcement on February 2, we found out that hairdressers, museums and non-essential stores will be allowed to reopen throughout the entire province "from February 8." Meanwhile, the reopening of restaurants and gyms in Quebec will only be permitted in six regions.

And Montreal is sadly not included in that list.

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Gyms, sports, are at higher risk than other activities.

Dr. Horacio Arruda

In the midst of the press conference, a journalist asked what the reason behind choosing to open hairdressers but keeping gyms closed (in most places) was.

Many have argued that gyms are essential for Quebecers' well-being, and they have now been closed for months.

Dr. Arruda specified that gyms in orange zones will get to reopen on February 8. 

He further said that "With the intensity of how things are in red zones, it's prohibited to [work out] inside."

Legault added that he "hopes we can open the gyms and start sports again as soon as possible," but claimed that the current climate does for allow for such to happen at this moment.

"We don't have approval from Public Health."

Arruda, the Director of Public Health, said gyms are a much higher risk for transmission than hairdressers. 

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