Here's How To Start A Legitimate Online Petition In Quebec petitions may not have as much reach as you think...
Here's How To Start A Legitimate Online Petition In Quebec

On social media, we see people starting petitions for just about everything — but are they actually getting noticed by the government? Potentially not, so we found out how to start a legitimate online petition in Quebec.

The National Assembly of Québec's website states that "To be ruled in order, an e-petition must be started and signed on the Assembly’s website." Such ensures that all signatures are real.

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Then, the following are the next two steps for creating your online petition:

  1. Choose the MNA who will present the petition to the Assembly
  2. Draft a text that complies with the general rules on the content of petitions

The chosen MNA then lets the Secretary General of the Assembly know that they plan on presenting this online petition, and the Secretary General later decides whether or not the e-petition is considered "in order and compliant."

If it gets deemed as such, then it gets put on the Assembly's website for a week to three months, where people can sign it by going to "Signing an E-Petition." Once the signing period has ended, the "MNA chosen to present the petition must do so at one of the first three Assembly sittings after the date on which the signing period ends."

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