Hydro-Québec's Electricity Rates Are Going Up Next Year

And, until March 31, no customer will have their power cut off if they can't pay bills.
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Hydro-Québec's Electricity Rates Are Going Up Next Year

In an announcement on its website on Friday, Hydro-Québec announced that its electricity rates are set to increase by 1.3% on April 1, 2021.

The increase will follow a one-year rate freeze announced in April 2020.

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1.3% Electricity Rates Increase

The "moratorium on service interruptions for nonpayment of bills," meanwhile, will continue to "at least" March 31, 2021, the company's statement said.

"As a result, no customers will have their power cut off."

Hydro originally extended the moratorium back in March as the first lockdown began.

It also avoided planned service interruptions as more Quebecers began working from home.

Customers can also enter into a payment agreement "to avoid paying administration charges on unpaid bills."

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