Joshua Perets Just Reopened In Laval & It's Bringing Us Back To The 2000s

When it comes to fashion, trends are like clocks: they always come back around again. And speaking of — remember when half of the young Quebec population owned a Joshua Perets hoodie?

Well, now's our chance to wear this nostalgic brand yet again since one just reopened in Carrefour Laval.

This Montreal-based brand is back with a new look that sets out to make you feel "confident and comfortable." And good news, similar tank tops to the ones we all used to wear are being sold again.

People are clearly excited about the return of Joshua Perets, considering a Facebook post announcing the opening of the Carrefour Laval store had over 7.2k comments and 465 shares at the time of writing this article.

Don't forget: it's more than a name, it's an attitude!

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