9 Montreal Fashion Brands To Check Out If Your New Year's Resolution Is To Support Local

New year, new you, same stylish city. With 2021 upon us, it's the perfect opportunity to reinvent ourselves and support some amazing local Montreal brands.

Whether it's just an addition to your existing collection or starting from scratch, you're in good hands when it comes to Montreal fashion.

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Plus, you get to rep your city in the best way we know how: walking down the street with pride and flair.

What could be better?

Here are eight local brands to help you get the new year started on a fashionable note...


What's sold: Boots, accessories

Why You Need To Check It Out: In the market for some good-quality boots this season? Check out this amazing company that not only sells stylish, warm boots but also happens to be from the island.

Maison Mélux

What's Sold: Accessories

Why You Need To Check It Out: Minimally designed, this local brand wants you to bring the flair with these sleek pieces that will complete just about any outfit.


What's Sold: Everyday essentials

Why You Need To Check It Out: For that nowhere-else-in-the-world feeling of Montreal cool that'll keep you looking fresh all year long.


What's Sold: Loungewear, Slips, Accessories

Why You Need To Go: We all know we're in our loungewear all day anyway. May as well keep it local.


What's Sold: Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Leather Goods, Accessories

Why You Need To Check It Out: The perfect blend of classic and fashion-forward. How much more Montreal can it get?


What's Sold: Jewelry

Why You Need To Check It Out: Everyone knows that nothing makes an OOTD quite like a bold piece of jewelry. This Montreal-based brand is known for its creative creations and versatile pieces.

Judy Design

What's Sold: Women's Apparel, Accessories

Why You Need To Check It Out: Who knew that feminine, edgy and bohemian could come together so perfectly?


What's Sold: Athletic Wear

Why You Need To Check It Out: Whether or not another one of your resolutions is to get your heart rate up, you should definitely check out one of Montreal's best athletic wear brands.

Lilas Etc

What's Sold: Accessories, Jewelry

Why You Need To Check It Out: Gorgeous, timeless pieces that'll make any street in the city your automatic runway.