A New Massive Indoor Waterpark Is Being Built In Quebec Over The Next Few Years

Calling all waterpark lovers, we've got some exciting news for you. A new indoor park, MOANA Parc Aquatique, will be opening in Mirabel by 2023, and it sounds like it's going to be massive.

This project was started by Ray Junior and is surely going to become the new hot spot in Quebec in the coming years.

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What will the waterpark consist of?

Courtesy of MOANA Parc Aquatique

The waterpark will be both indoor, and there will be a beach, hotel, and parking lot as well. The hotel will also be named MOANA.

Junior told us that there will be "an adult section with cold baths, hot baths, [and a] sauna."

"We're also going to make cabanas, we're going to have restaurants, stores, an arcade section, a massage therapy session," he continued.

Along with all this, there will be "volleyball courts inside to make it like an indoor beach club."

How big will the project be and how much will it cost?

Courtesy of MOANA Parc Aquatique

Altogether, the rental condominiums (the hotel), the waterpark, the beach club and the parking lot will take up 400,000 square feet.

Ray Junior is the only investor in the project. Junior wrote a book Le Bâtisseur visionnaire published in March 2021, where he shared his project ideas and dreams.

In total, Junior said the project will cost between 175 and 200 million dollars.

When will MOANA Parc Aquatique open?

Courtesy of MOANA Parc Aquatique

"Right now, we are finishing our plans so the land is ours, it belongs to us, it's in our project in the City of Mirabel," Junior said.

"Then we will start the construction probably in early spring 2022 and then the construction will be about eight months, so we should open in the middle of summer 2023."

Something tells me it'll totally be worth the wait, though.