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Molson Export Is Creating A 'Hall Of Fan' & You Could Be In It

Winners will also receive a once-in-a-lifetime game viewing-experience.

Molson Export Is Creating A 'Hall Of Fan' & You Could Be In It

Hockey season is officially here, and for Montreal Canadiens fans, that amounts to a whole lot of happiness.

After a season (and then some) of cheering on their team from afar, Habs fans are eager to finally experience the thrill of watching the Canadiens like they used to — in bars, with friends and, most of all, at the Bell Centre.

With Habs fans being renowned for their passion and excitement, it's no surprise that Molson Export, the official beer of the Montreal Canadiens, wants to kick off the season in high gear.

That's why Molson Export is giving Montrealers even more reason to celebrate this hockey season with the Molson Hall of Fan: a shrine to celebrate hockey's real MVPs — the fans — right inside the arena itself.

Chosen nominees will have their names featured on a banner in the Bell Centre's Molson Ex Zone, enshrining their passion and commitment to the Habs. Just imagine being front-and-centre with your name among fellow fans proudly on display. It'll be an unforgettable moment!

Courtesy of Molson Export

Those selected for the Molson Hall of Fan will also receive a special delivery from Montreal Canadiens alumni to announce their induction. Plus, selectees will get to view the game from a specialty suite on the night of the official induction ceremony. Talk about a total package.

Whether you're a season-ticket holder or attending your very first game, you have the chance to be inducted into the Molson Hall of Fan. All you have to do is tell Molson why you deserve it.

To apply to the Molson Hall of Fan, follow the instructions on the official website. If you're chosen, your passion for the Habs will be displayed in the Bell Centre for everyone to see — yet another reason to get hyped for the 2021 Habs hockey season.

Courtesy of Molson Export

To learn more about how you can be inducted in the Molson Hall of Fan, visit Molson Export's website or follow Molson Export on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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