6 French-Speaking Countries To Make Any Montrealer Feel At Home That Aren't France

Say "oui" to all of these destinations.
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6 French-Speaking Countries To Make Any Montrealer Feel At Home That Aren't France

Remember all of your travel plans for 2020? Farewell to them it seems. But just because we can't travel right now doesn't mean we aren't thinking about it. And since nothing gives Montrealers pride quite like our bilingual abilities, why not add some French-speaking countries to your "where to go next" list?

Gorgeous scenery, amazing cuisine, and meeting people from all over the world are just a few reasons to add a destination to your travel agenda. And, going somewhere that you already know one of the languages spoken is an extra bonus.

If there's anything that Montrealers love, it's a sense of adventure and daydreaming of faraway paradises. If you're anything like me, you love a place that gives you a total sense of wanderlust, all while making you feel right at home. 

So, for those of us looking to show off nos compétences in for places other than France, this one's for you.

As we begin to make our post-COVID bucket lists, these French-speaking countries will give that comfort at home and their own French flair.

The Islands of Tahiti

Also known as French Polynesia, this place is almost too perfect for words.

Most people think of Bora Bora when they think of Tahiti, but did you know that there are 118 islands to explore. Tahiti is the birthplace of the overwater bungalow, those bungalows that stand directly over the sea. Perfect for curing cabin fever.



As if that wasn't enough... the Seychelles have another 115 islands, though not all inhabited!

Aside from luscious beaches, the tourist's experience of the Seychelles can include nature reserves, coral reefs, and sighting animals such as the rare, giant Aldabra tortoise.



Known as the "land of a thousand contrasts," Morocco is an incredible blend of cultures, histories and influences.

For thousands of years, it has been the heart of Northern Africa and over the last few years has become the #goals of just about every traveller.



The largest country in Africa and one of the most popular destinations in the Sahara Desert, Algeria lies just a stone's throw away from Europe.

Algeria gives a truly rustic and traditional feel of Africa, mixed with influences from its nearby neighbours.



With French, Dutch, and German influences, this small country is jam-packed with gastronomy, history, and cute cobblestone streets that can only be described as uniquely phenomenal.



Just over the border of Belgium is one of Europe's most picturesque countries, Luxembourg.

You'll feel like you're walking through a picture book and live your Queen Mia of Genovia fantasy.


Bon voyage and we'll see you in paradise!

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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