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A Montreal Artist Created A Massive Dragon Made Out Of Recycled Materials Overlooking The City

Have you spotted the "Earth Dragon" yet?

A Montreal Artist Created A Massive Dragon Made Out Of Recycled Materials Overlooking The City

Montreal has got its very own Banksy on its hands! A local Montreal artist known as Junko has created a stellar art installation called "Earth Dragon" overlooking the city of Montreal — and the most fascinating part? It's made up of entirely repurposed materials.

On January 29, Junko introduced Earth Dragon, which stands tall atop a snowy Notre-Dame-de-Grâce hill just beside the McGill University Health Centre along Route 136.

"The Earth Dragon wakes from its interrupted sleep. It peers over the busy highway, confused by all the fast-moving shiny objects. Its respiratory system is irritated by the exhaust fumes," Junko wrote on his Instagram page.

The installation was created with a number of natural and reclaimed materials found throughout the surrounding Montreal area, Junko explained.

Made up of tree branches and leaves, large segments of wood, and recovered pieces of plastic, Earth Dragon is a striking structure glossing over the city that can't be missed.

"It was created without the use of a motorized vehicle," the artist wrote.

The impressive Earth Dragon isn't Junko's first art piece made up of entirely natural materials. The Montreal-based artist assembled the majestic "Forest Spirit" structure in December 2021, which is located in the Hochelaga area.

Junko describes his astounding work as "playtime with reclaimed and natural materials," but what may be "playtime" for Junko, is pure visual inspiration for Montreal residents.

When it comes to turning landfill materials and wreckage into art, Junko knows exactly what to do.

As a self-proclaimed "DIY public art installation" artist, it is safe to say that we're certainly keeping an eye out for what they will create next.

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