Quebec Is Getting Another New Drive-In Theatre This Summer & It's Officially A Trend

And this one's in driving distance from Montreal.
Quebec Is Getting Another New Drive-In Theatre This Summer & It's Officially A Trend

There are so many cool things going on throughout Quebec during the summer, and it's time that we Montreal locals begin to rediscover our province. With all the cool Quebec drive-in theatres, that really shouldn't be too hard. Plus, a press release went out on June 11, letting everyone know that Ciné-Parc Jean-Talon is going to be one of the coolest hangouts in the province as of June 18.

And for all the Montrealers out there, good news: it's within driving distance of our city.

So whether you go for a date night or a family-fun activity, it's sure to be a good time for any Quebecer.

Drive-in movie theatres have always been an eye-catching activity, but as the years have passed, this awesome way of movie-viewing seems to have dwindled.

Now, with social distancing still in effect, it's cool to know that this classic take on movie-going is making a comeback throughout our province.

Patrick Lessard, owner of the Jean-Talon Market in Charlesbourg, is known for his "ambitious projects," and his ability to "think outside of the box," as mentioned in the press release.

This drive-in theatre will have room for 150 cars in total.

The quality of screens will allow all guests to have a clear view of the movies and performances, all while giving visitors a true old school vibe.

Some of the schedule for June has already been released, and it includes movies like Sonic and Rocketman.

The press release tells us there will also be comedic and musical performances happening throughout the summer.

The audio will be broadcasted on an FM station allowing you to control the volume of which you watch the movie.

That also means local neighbours can remain unbothered by the drive-in adventures going on around them.

Regardless of the weather, Ciné-Parc Jean-Talon will leave you fully entertained from the comfort of your vehicle while keeping you safe and responsible.

Ciné-Parc Jean-Talon

Address: 1750, rue Périgord, Charlesbourg, QC

When: Opens June 18, 2020

Cost: $28 per vehicle if you buy in advance, $35 on-site


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