Almost Half Of Quebecers Are Scared To Go Back To Work Because Of COVID

92% believe the pandemic is "far from over."
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Almost Half Of Quebecers Are Scared To Go Back To Work Because Of COVID

Nearly half of Quebec workers are afraid to go back to work because of COVID-19 according to a new poll by KPMG. 44% of Quebecers responded to the survey saying that they were apprehensive due to how contagious the virus is. Almost all respondents (92%) believe that the pandemic is "far from over" in Quebec. On the other hand, Quebecers have among the lowest levels of concern in the country, as the poll reveals that they're the most trusting of employers to respect the health and safety regulations.

87% of Quebec workers trust their employers to keep them safe. 

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"Our poll findings clearly show that Quebeckers are placing a great deal of trust in their employers to manage their return to the workplace and in keeping them safe," says Yvon Audette, KPMG's chief operating officer, management consulting services.

"The pandemic is forcing every employer in the country to adopt comprehensive protocols and safety measures, and to look at new ways of staying connected to their employees."

The poll found that another 50% of Quebec workers would refuse to return to work if they believe their employer wasn't taking the steps to keep them safe, the poll showed.

In July, the Quebec government allowed office spaces to reopen at up to 25% capacity. 

Among the top concerns for workers are asymptomatic colleagues (73%), "sharing common spaces" such as lunch rooms (56%), and their building's air ventilation system (44%).

Another 71% of workers worry about the possibility of "transmitting [the virus] to their loved ones." 

"Wearing a mask in their workplace and waiting for an elevator were the least of their concerns," according to a statement.

Indeed, compared to the national averages, Quebecers have expressed less concern in every category.

This doesn't mean that everyone is down to go back to the office, however. 77% of Quebec workers are quite "satisfied" with working from home. 

But in terms of keeping connections, Quebec workers are a little more old-school as over 70% of workers say their relationship with colleagues has been strained and that they would prefer in-person communication.

With the government taking a hardline on mandatory face coverings and enforcing social distancing, it seems that Quebec workers are satisfied with the approach health authorities are taking. 

Teddy Elliot
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