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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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Valérie Plante Wants To Cover A Portion Of The Décarie Expressway

But Coderre wants to cover a much bigger section.

Like their counterparts at Ensemble Montréal, Valérie Plante and Project Montréal are also planning to cover a portion of the infamous Décarie Expressway should she win re-election.

But unlike their political opponents, those in the Project Montréal camp vowed to cover a much smaller portion of the highway as part of their plan to revitalize the Namur-Hippodrome sector.

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An STM Bus Hit & Killed A Man In Montreal On Monday

The man was 46 years old.

An STM bus fatally struck a man in Montreal on Monday night, according to the SPVM.

The SPVM tells MTL Blog that first responders were dispatched to the corner of avenue Chateaubriand and rue de Castelnau in Villeray at around 11 p.m. after a 911 call.

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An Old Montreal Restaurant Was Ranked One Of The Most Haunted Places In Canada

Ontario was ranked the spookiest province in Canada and it's not because of the people.

Old Montreal restaurant L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel is one of the most haunted places in Canada, according to a very scientific study by Casino en ligne.

The restaurant came in fifth place nationally with its reports of a little girl from the 19th century, among other ghosts haunting the halls.

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This Map Shows Every Montreal Police Camera Location

There will be 33 in total by the end of the year.

The Montreal police (SPVM) announced on October 25 that it would be adding nine "urban security cameras" to its current network of 24.

In a press release, the SPVM said the decision is part of the force's effort to combat gun violence.

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The Montreal Police Could Get Hundreds More Officers If Denis Coderre Becomes Mayor

His party says it'll hire 250 officers and make a bunch of other changes.

Denis Coderre's party, Ensemble Montréal, says it would hire 250 more Montreal police officers if it takes power after the November municipal election.

It claims this number represents 84 positions cut since 2017 plus retirements and annual renewals. Ensemble Montréal also raised the possibility of hiring even more officers.

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Montreal Weather Is Expected To Be Super Rainy This Week, With The Chance Of Flash Floods

Get your rain boots ready.

If you were hoping for some nice Montreal weather this week, you may be out of luck.

Environment Canada released a special weather warning for Montreal and areas surrounding it on Sunday, October 24.

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