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Here's What A Montreal Bar-Owner Wants You To Know Before You Go Out

We spoke to the co-owner of two of the city's most popular bars.
Here's What A Montreal Bar-Owner Wants You To Know Before You Go Out

With bars reopening across Montreal, there are some things you need to know about before heading out for a cocktail. Along with the government's established health and safety rules, some establishments are implementing their own policies that customers should respect if they want to have a good time. Like most reopened businesses, Montreal bars have strict rules in place to keep you and their employees safe from harm. 

We spoke to the co-owner of two of Montreal's most popular bars: Atwater Cocktail Club and Milky Way to find out more about what bar owners want you to know about going out right now. 

As part of Groupe Barroco, one of the largest bar and restaurant groups in the city, both establishments got through the lockdown with lots of support but seriously felt its effects. 

Officially reopened since the end of June, both bars have seen a return to business marked by an influx of customers. 

With safety rules in place, the reasonable expectation is that all customers will follow them.

There's a lot to consider under the current rules, so here are a few things the co-owner at two of the city's most popular bars wants you to know.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. 

Do you think you can survive under the current rules?

Yes but it’s going to require a lot of adjustments and adapting to hard work and patience. We have a strong team that wants to put all the passion and energy into keeping our bars and the industry strong while being responsible and careful of the health measures.

Are there concerns with reopening? Are your employees worried? 

Like everybody right now in society, we feel a little bit concerned and worried.

As far as the company, we are respecting all the rules and making sure everybody respects them to make sure everybody stays safe and I think our employees and clients really appreciate that.

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What do you want customers to know before they arrive?

We want people to understand that it is possible to have fun while following the rules! So please follow the instructions and social distancing and be empathetic towards the staff and other clients.

We want people to have the time of their lives and enjoy themselves during these special times. We are ready for them and ready to receive them in a safe and fun space and the usual hospitality that distinguishes our bars.

Do you think the rules are appropriate, not enough, or overkill?

Coming back from three months of being closed, we find the rules reasonable considering the current situation and we are respecting them.

They are appropriate if the clients follow the rules!

In bars across Quebec, customers and employees must stay two metres away from each other whenever possible.

Customers also must remain seated to limit circulation.

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