I Only Ate Food From A Meal Subscription Service For A Week & Here’s What Happened

Spoiler alert: it was better than I expected!
I Only Ate Food From A Meal Subscription Service For A Week & Here’s What Happened

If nothing else, 2020 was the year of culinary trends. Dalgona coffee, sourdough bread, pancake cereal — we've all kept ourselves nice and busy in the kitchen as we adapted to the world around us. But lately, it's fair to say there's been a bit of a universal cooking rut. After all, there’s only so much banana bread you can bake before never wanting to see another banana again.

Seeing as we've begun a brand-new year, it feels like the perfect time to introduce new meal plans into your routine — especially if you're done with skipping meals due to lack of motivation or creativity. A great way to help out with that might be to subscribe to a meal subscription service, like Goodfood.  Plus, right now, you can get 6 free meals (3 free meals in your first 2 baskets) using promo code NARCITY6.

Goodfood is one of the biggest meal subscription services in Canada today; it all started with a simple goal, to help people prepare delicious, yet healthy meals from the comfort of their own home. Now, six years later, they're a team of close to 3,000 people helping deliver monthly meals across Canada.

The food service is also known for their variety of quality products and array of choices, such as vegetarian, low-carb, and one-pan, which is what intrigued me to hop on the meal kit train to begin with. But now, they've even got a large assortment of grocery items, from milk and meat to seafood, spices and snacks, plus around 40 new products a week. These products are available on the selection page under the Grocery tab once you sign up.

I knew I needed to start with something achievable that makes weekly meal planning (and even grocery shopping!) easy. Since Goodfood claims to be just that, I decided to give them a try. Here's how it went.

What I Ordered

Melina Brum

To kick-start my healthy cooking journey, I started with 4 smoothies, cold-pressed juice shots, energy bites, and coconut clusters. Though they're not part of any meal kit subscriptions, these kinds of snacks and grocery items can be added to your orders. Plus, there are new delicious items to choose from every week.

My 3 meals consisted of sumac trout, pesto pasta, and Thai curry chicken. Thanks to Goodfood's classic weekly menu, it was super easy to choose new and exciting meals that I wouldn't have thought of myself!

When my parcel arrived, I was surprised by the thoughtful packaging and convenience.

My food came in a recyclable, insulated box with organized bundles for each meal.

Detailed instructions were also provided, which made cooking feel effortless!


Melina Brum

The 4 smoothies I tried were the Acai Bellini, Cold Brew Crisp, Tropical Storm, and Boreal Berry.

These superfood-powered smoothies came with every ingredient inside of a functioning cup. All I had to do was pour my base of choice (shoutout to almond milk).

After blending, I just poured my smoothie back into the cup provided and popped in a reusable straw. My favourite was Cold Brew Crisp, I love an iced latte with a chocolate crunch.

These are perfect for people like me, who don't know how to assemble a proper nutrient-filled smoothie for the life of them!

Hot Shots

Melina Brum

I received 6 cold-pressed juice shots made of lemon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. I figured now is the best time to get my wellness shots in!

Goodfood has a growing selection of everyday grocery items to choose from, whether you're in a pinch and don't feel like leaving your house, or if you see something that catches your eye. Other than cold-pressed juices and smoothies, they've got a range of items that can be added on to your basket at no additional charge, like boneless chicken breasts, extra old cheddar cheese, free-range eggs and more.

These Hot Shots are very potent with ginger, which I personally love. They're pretty strong, so if you're not into these ingredients, it's a good thing to keep in mind.

If you're feeling under the weather, this is the perfect pick-me-up. They're an excellent source of Vitamin C, plus they're vegan!

Organic Coconut Clusters

Melina Brum

I'm a huge snacker, so little munchies are essential in my daily diet. Let me just say, these Organic Coconut Clusters are delish and you can take my word for it.

The cluster of coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds really hits the spot. It's that extra something that turns eating healthier into a treat.

Whenever I felt like I wanted something to snack on, I found myself reaching for these.

Salted Caramel Energy Bites

Melina Brum

These plant-powered Salted Caramel Energy Bites came with 2 bites in 1 pack. They're made of date paste, coconut, almond butter, gluten-free rolled oats, chia, hemp, and flax seeds, cinnamon, and maca powder.

They're the perfect bite-size snack packed with a whole lot of natural energy. These are the perfect healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth!

I'll be honest, these were my least favourite of the bunch, just because I wouldn't personally reach for them often. That's the beauty of meal subscriptions, you discover what you like and what doesn't suit your taste.

Sumac-Spiced Trout

Melina Brum

Middle Eastern cuisine is delicious and this Sumac-Spiced Trout proves it. I have never tried trout until this meal and I'm so glad I did with Goodfood.

The zingy sumac paired with the roasted carrot fattoush salad and hummus was incredible!

The preparation process was very enjoyable and the cooking time was only 20 minutes!

Who knew I could whip up something so exquisite in such a short amount of time? I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own, that's for sure.

Even the presentation was something I wouldn't have come up with. Goodfood really came through in all aspects.

Pesto Radiatore

Melina Brum

I'm Italian, so I had high standards for this Pesto Radiatore. I can confidently say that this meal surpassed my expectations! This one was a family favourite; they couldn't get enough of it and neither could I.

The process of making this plant-based meal was extremely quick, easy, and fun. From boiling the pasta and creating the pesto to oven-roasting the broccoli and tomatoes, it was super enjoyable.

I still can't believe I made something that tasted like it was made in an Italian restaurant. The details in the spices really tied everything together.

Thai-Style Peanut Curry Chicken

Melina Brum

This Thai-Style Peanut Curry Chicken was my first experience with the spice. I know there are many forms of it, but this one was a great first try!

This dish was the best of both worlds, sweet and savoury. The coconut curry on the grilled chicken really complemented the fresh cucumber salad and sweet jasmine rice.

Featuring coconut milk, creamy peanut butter, and tangy citrus, the sauce was the most out-of-the-box step for me. I never knew these ingredients could work so well together!

I honestly really enjoyed this experience with Goodfood and would gladly do it again. They helped me stay on track with their delicious recipes and ever-growing grocery selection, which also gave me the chance to try new foods. Instead of opting for takeout, I made healthier choices and I'm proud!

Their contactless delivery and the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients made this experience ideal for someone like me. Lifestyle changes can be difficult, but Goodfood definitely helped ease the start of my journey with their nutrition clarity and balanced meals.

The amount of time and money I saved on groceries was a glorious bonus. They offer reasonably priced options to fit any budget or appetite! Goodfood is making it even easier to support Canadian business with their affordability and practicality.

These meals are definitely lazy-person proof, so if you're looking for a realistic way to change your habits, give them a shot. Right now, Goodfood is offering the promo code NARCITY6 to get 3 free meals in your first 2 baskets. I seriously can't wait to order my second box!

Order your first Goodfood box on their website and use promo code NARCITY6. Check out their Instagram and Facebook for some tasty recipe inspo!

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