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I Tried 6 Different White Claw Flavours & Here’s What I Thought About All Of Them

Bring on White Claw summer!
I Tried 6 Different White Claw Flavours & Here’s What I Thought About All Of Them

Summer is approaching, and one thing I’m beyond excited about is park days. After a few drinks, some sunshine and a great time spent with my roommates, it’ll feel like any other normal year (kind of).

As someone who's very into the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle, I’m very conscious of what I’m putting in my body — especially when it comes to alcohol. But at the same time, I do love the idea of a boozy refreshment after a day of activities.

Excited for the summer and knowing it’s going to be full of picnics and lake days, I wanted to find a fresh new drink I can enjoy that’s still relatively low in carbs. I had noticed the ubiquitous alcoholic seltzer, White Claw, popping up all around and it seemed like the time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Right off the bat, I was super impressed with the nutritional information. With 5% ABV, each 355 ml can is made with just one gram of carbs and 100 calories. With no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives, it checks off all my boxes for a drink you can feel good about.

In order to prepare for a summer full of outdoor adventures, I thought it suitable to try out the different flavours of White Claw carried by my local dépanneur (they're also available in grocery stores and the SAQ). 

The variety pack includes cans of Black Cherry, Mango, Natural Lime and Ruby Grapefruit. In addition to this, I bought an extra can each of Raspberry and Watermelon. Here’s what I thought of each flavour.

Black Cherry

Courtesy of Celine Hamze

Immediately after taking my first sip of the Black Cherry, I was transported back to my childhood. The tart and sweet cherry taste reminded me of my favourite gummies that I loved as a kid. If you're new to the hard-seltzer game, this is the flavour I’d recommend you start with.

It has a light black cherry flavour with a carbonated feel. However, White Claw Black Cherry is more distinctive than the others, making it a great easy-drinking option if you're looking to enjoy a couple, perhaps on a rooftop terrasse or balcony.

Natural Lime

Courtesy of Celine Hamze

This one was my absolute favourite. Extremely light and easy to sip on, it kind of tastes like a combination of the fizzy lime water you would get at a spa, or in a well-made gin and tonic.

It should be noted though, I generally prefer predictable and simple flavours when it comes to drinks. I like that the Natural Lime tastes light and isn't very sugary.

It's just sweet enough and really refreshing. I would definitely pick up one of these for a fun drink on the balcony with my roommate, or a relaxing day by the pool.


Courtesy of Celine Hamze

It seems like everyone's favourite White Claw is Mango. I actually remember people struggling to find this flavour last summer, so I had pretty high expectations.

When it comes to mango-flavoured beverages and candy, I'm personally not a huge fan, but the White Claw Mango hits the spot. It's as smooth as the Ruby Grapefruit with the freshness that I loved in the Natural Lime flavour.

Natural Lime and Black Cherry were my absolute favourites, but I was still impressed with Mango. If I had to have a mango-flavoured beverage, this one would be first on my list.

The packaging is adorable, and the yellow basically screams summer and sunshine. Its fruity flavour makes it the perfect drink to relax with after an active, adventure-type day. I would grab a few White Claw Mangos for a post-yoga picnic or to relax after a game of beach volleyball.

Ruby Grapefruit

Courtesy of Celine Hamze

The Ruby Grapefruit flavour is much more bright and citrusy but still tastes like fizzy water. The best thing about White Claw, in my opinion, is how subtle the flavour of each fruit is. It makes it easy to enjoy without feeling too overwhelmed.

This one was smooth, with a light hint of zesty grapefruit. It would be great at the end of a fun hike or during a barbecue at the park.


Courtesy of Celine Hamze

The White Claw Raspberry didn't come in the variety pack, because (along with White Claw Watermelon) it is a new addition to the lineup. The deep red colour on the can immediately grabbed my attention and I just had to test it out.

In general, I love raspberry-flavoured anything, and this drink only reinforced that trend. I found that it was a brighter flavour than the rest, without being overly sugary, which is something I really enjoyed. I think fans of the Black Cherry can expect to like Raspberry too.


Courtesy of Celine Hamze

The first thing I noticed about this addition to the White Claw family is the adorable use of colour on the can: pink and green, just like a watermelon. The drink's aesthetic immediately appealed to me before I even cracked it open.

Watermelon on a hot summer day could be one of my favourite things in the world. So naturally, I saved the best for last, and this flavour did not disappoint.

If you're looking for a White Claw with a more distinctive taste, this one would be my recommendation. Super light and refreshing, this drink still carries the recognizable White Claw flavour, while maintaining the freshness needed to keep cool on a warm day.

This drink would go hand-in-hand with a juicy piece of fruit after a long day of outdoor activities, with some music in the background, sunshine and a slight summer breeze.

I'm glad I jumped on the White Claw bandwagon and I'm surprised I hadn't done it sooner. They're now sold at grocery and convenience stores across Quebec, as well as at the SAQ. I've never really been one to love seltzers, but White Claw has completely changed that.

I'm happy I tried out the different options because now I feel like I have a specific flavour in mind for different activities. I'm looking forward to sipping a White Claw Natural Lime on my balcony on a casual Tuesday night, and enjoying a few cans of White Claw Mangos and Black Cherries on the weekend!

White Claw is now available across Quebec at grocery stores, convenience stores and the SAQ. To learn more, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Although products were provided for free in this review, the author's opinions are genuine and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.

Narcity does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol. If you're going to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and only if you’re of legal age.