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This Taiwanese Pâtisserie & Deli In Montreal Makes Cakes Shaped Like Puppies (PHOTOS)

Plus a whole bunch of other tasty treats and dishes.
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This Taiwanese Pâtisserie & Deli In Montreal Makes Cakes Shaped Like Puppies (PHOTOS)

When you think of food destinations in the city, you probably think of the Plateau or Old Montreal. But over in NDG is Mo Pâtisserie and Deli that'll become your new go-to foodie spot in the city if it isn't already.

Known for its Taiwanese dishes and treats, the shop is small and full of heart.

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Whether you're already in the neighbourhood or if you head there just for Mo, you definitely need to see exactly what this place is all about.

Mo Pâtisserie is a dessert lover's paradise.

The first thing you'll notice when you walk in is the large showcase of exquisite desserts.

You'll find traditional treats, including Taiwanese bean cakes and other delicacies from overseas like Japanese cheesecake.

There are also classic desserts if you're looking for the Mo's take on some of your European favourites, such as tiramisu, éclairs and triple chocolate mousse.

And, of course, nothing goes better with any dessert than a refreshing bubble tea. Or try a bubble tea cake.

But one of the most popular desserts, by far, is the chocolate mousse that looks like a puppy.

Bow-wow! That's a cool dessert!

You can try some great dishes from Taiwanese cuisine.

If you don't have a sweet tooth or if you're in the mood for something savoury, you're also in luck.

There's a full menu of incredible plates, including soup, dumplings, sushi and maki.

"The Taiwanese pork rice, eel on rice and poke bowl are popular," the team told MTL Blog.

As for what the Taiwanese food scene is like, according to the team, it's "a paradise of foodies!!"

Led by a chef from Taiwan, Mo is a great spot to learn more about this country that's packed with flavour.

You'll get a taste of Taiwanese culture.

The best part of going to Mo is definitely the people.

The restaurant's team loves to share their culture with others as much as they love to live it.

"We are super proud of our country! Little island but impactful," wrote Mo's owners.

Here in Montreal, we've got a small Taiwanese community known for being incredibly genuine and kind.

From the moment you step into Mo, you'll be welcomed with open arms and smiles as sweet as the desserts.

And don't worry — the same goes when you call for takeout or delivery.

Mo Patisserie et Deli

Address: 5781, chemin Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: For incredible Taiwanese bites that'll be your new favourite spot in town.

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