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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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A Montreal Butcher Shop Is Serving Real Brains To Eat For Halloween... If You're Into That

Brains. Not just for zombies anymore.

In honour of spooky month, one Montreal butcher shop, La Maison du Rôti, created a two-person Halloween meal in a box.

Warning: this dinner is far from vegan-friendly, but for the carnivores out there, this could be your chance to taste brains...

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Montreal Is Getting A New Italian-Japanese Restaurant With Pizza, Pasta & Pastries

Tiramisu & Misu Caffè opens in November!

Our city always has a myriad of new unique spots to check out, and this Montreal restaurant opening in November is surely going to be one of them — especially considering it's a two in one concept.

Tiramisu & Misu Caffè will be the combination of a café and a restaurant mixed into one, and you'll be able to find it inside the Hampton Inn by Hilton on rue Saint-Laurent.

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An Ottawa Bagel Shop Is Expanding To Montreal & Montrealers Can't Help But Troll It

Bringing Montreal-style bagels to... Montreal.

It's no secret that Montrealers are passionate about their bagels, and this loyalty is usually illuminated by the Montreal vs. New York City bagel war. But a new bagel maker has entered the chat, stirring up the debate: Kettlemans Bagel, which announced that it's expanding from Ottawa to Montreal in 2022.

Daily Hive first reported the news earlier this week. And, naturally, Montrealers have been trolling Kettlemans on Twitter ever since.

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Montreal's New 24-Hour Depanneur Has No Cashiers & This Is How It Works

Avoid human interaction on those late-night snack runs. 👀

If you dread making small talk with cashiers — or you simply find self-checkout more efficient — there's a new Montreal depanneur that could pique your interest. Aisle 24 just opened a 24-hour grocery market in Griffintown and it's 100% self-serve to the point that there aren't even any employees.

Curious about how it works?

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You Can Customize Your Hot Chocolate With Decadent Flavours At This Montreal Dessert Shop

They've got the perfect chocolate flavour combo for every fall craving.

It's fall in Montreal — often a blissful, cozy and heart-warming time of year. If you've been in the city during this season before, you know it means gorgeous changing leaves, crisp air, apple-picking and — maybe best of all — comforting treats that warms you from the inside out.

If you're craving something sweet, grab your pals, family or that special someone and head to Chocolats Favoris for a drink to match the season: hot chocolate!

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Montreal's Christmas Bar Is Coming Back This Year & It's A Grown-Up Holiday Wonderland

The cocktail menu is holiday-themed!

We've got some exciting news for all our fellow elves! After being cancelled last year, Montreal's Christmas bar, Miracle Pop Up Bar, is making its grand return in 2021.

This ultra-festive pop-up bar opens on November 15, 2021, and is the perfect spot to get you in the holiday spirit.

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