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4 Montreal Malls Now Have Cake Vending Machines (VIDEO)

A sweet tooth's dream.

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4 Montreal Malls Now Have Cake Vending Machines (VIDEO)

Vending machines have had our backs throughout the years, whether it be for needing some chocolate while waiting at the hospital or a Red Bull while working in the library.

But one bakery, Carlo's, decided to take vending machines to the next level by creating "Cake ATMs." Yes, you read that right. Vending machines full of cake slices, which you can find in the following four Montreal malls:

Plus, there's one in Les Promenades Gatineau. If you're ever desperately craving a slice of cake while at one of these five malls in Quebec, Carlo's Cake ATM will be there to save you.

One Montrealer, Emilie Rossignol, caught the express bake shop machine at Place Montreal Trust in action and shared it with the online world. In this video, you can see the option for four possible cake flavours: vanilla rainbow, red velvet, chocolate fudge and confetti.

On the machine, it clarifies that these cake slices were baked in Hoboken, New Jersey — so they had to do quite the trip to make it to our city.

There are many of these cake machines in Ottawa and Toronto as well. The company even made a "Cake ATM Locator" to help you find the one nearest to you. Because let's be honest, you never know when your next cake craving could hit, so this bakery presumably wanted to make sure you've always got a slice close to you.

And for that, we thank you, Carlo's Bakery.

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