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Mural Fest Is Featuring This Popular Quebec Artist For Their 2020 Festival

You've probably seen his work all over the streets of Montreal.
Mural Fest Is Featuring This Popular Quebec Artist For Their 2020 Festival

Art brings us all together. Through the power of imagery, we are transported through space and time. The beauty of visual interpretation takes complex situations (like the one we're in right now) and it makes us think. More importantly, it makes us feel.

Perhaps that's why the MURAL Festival is such a popular Montreal tradition. Of course, due to the pandemic, we can’t gather like we used to in previous years to celebrate the street art and mural creations. But one thing is for certain: art overcomes. That's what this year's MURAL Estival is all about.

Through Belgian Moon’s official sponsorship of MURAL Estival, the brand was able to create a one-of-a-kind mural that brought to life and highlighted the charismatic spirit of Quebec while also celebrating Belgian Moon’s artfully crafted nature.

[rebelmouse-image 26883548 photo_credit=" | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="5472x3648"] | Instagram

In partnership with Marc-Olivier Lamothe, Belgian Moon commissioned the painted mural at 3527 St. Laurent Blvd. Plus, to celebrate the beauty of the city, they're introducing limited-edition collectible glassware with amazing new designs, and the mural artwork is one of them.

It's no surprise that Belgian Moon is making it easy to celebrate art. After all, the company is founded on the philosophy of finding art in everything. Whether it's the art of the pour or the visual art we see all around us, what matters is embracing the splendour of our shared reality. 

Visual expression highlights our shared experience. That is exactly what Marc-Olivier Lamothe is doing for Montreal with the new mural. Rooted in the spirit of seizing the moment and finding humour in life's challenges, Lamothe's unique style comes through in his work.

Mingling fine arts with modern methods, Lamothe highlights the disjointed irony of the world in a cohesive way. Bold colours enhance the vectorial method in an innovative style that blends illustration and painting.

[rebelmouse-image 26883549 photo_credit=" | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="6720x4480"] | Instagram

Speaking to the essence of the modern world, it's no wonder Lamothe is such a popular artist. Often comparing the modern world to the jungle, Lamothe has the ability to embed the crux of a living situation and put it into a two-dimensional image. By incorporating this style into the 2020 MURAL Estival, Belgian Moon and Lamothe give us a glimpse into the beauty that can emerge from the darkest times.  

At the end of the day, we all have things in common; we all share a story. But everyone sees the world through a unique lens, which is why sharing art is so important. 

The mural creation is now fully complete and ready to be appreciated! If you're local to the city, chances are, you've seen Lamothe's work before; likewise, chances are, you may have wanted to bring a piece of his innovative and exciting art home.

This is where the limited-edition collectible glassware comes into play. 

Crafted in conjunction with the artistic talents of Marc-Olivier Lamothe, Cécile Gariépy and Tierney Milne, the four collectible glasses celebrate the different regions of Canada: from the West Coast to the East Coast. Plus, it's something you can take home to sip away at a nice cold Belgian Moon.

The pieces are available at select IGAs with the purchase of Belgian Moon (while supplies last). To bring the spirit of art into autumn, the promo is kicking off and will run throughout the month of October.

[rebelmouse-image 26883550 photo_credit="belgian_moon | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="3264x1848"] belgian_moon | Instagram

This way, after you take in the bold colours and immerse yourself in images of the iconic Ferris wheel, snowflakes, and luscious Quebec forests, you can take the memories with you. Lamothe's entire mural is inspired by our gorgeous province and the transcendent imagery it features year-round. 

Art is something that improves lives everywhere, and the 2020 MURAL Estival and the social distancing-adapted 2020 edition is a way to show Quebec's beauty to the global community. The MURAL Estival has Marc-Olivier Lamothe's newest creation and so much more. 

Eager to check out the amazing art (and get a talking point for your next gathering with some modern glassware)? We are too. So take the time out to promote pedestrian in the city traffic — and take a moment to remember that we're all in this together.

[rebelmouse-image 26883551 photo_credit="belgian_moon | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="3264x1848"] belgian_moon | Instagram

Check out the MURAL Estival website for more details. Follow Belgian Moon on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date on more exciting events.  

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