Quebec Is Letting Graduating High School Students Go Back To School One Last Time

"Special reunion activities" will be allowed for graduates.
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Quebec High Schools Will Let Students Come Back One Last Time

The Quebec Ministry of Education has decided to give graduating high school and elementary students a memorable end to the school year. Following public requests, Education Minister Jean-François Roberge announced that Quebec schools have been given the "green light" to host some graduation activities in accordance with public health rules. Graduating sixth-grade elementary schoolers and Secondary Five pupils will be able to participate in photo sessions and schedule a time to sign each others' yearbooks.

"Since the start of the pandemic, I have received several very touching testimonies from graduates who wanted to have the chance to highlight this special moment in their lives," said Roberge. 

"We have worked very hard and I am happy to respond positively to this call. COVID-19 has certainly changed our habits and traditions, but that is not a reason not to salute graduating students as they deserve."

The Minister also announced an exclusive contest for high school graduates.

Graduates are invited to share their best moments in high school life on a Facebook page. 25 winners will be selected and will win iPads. One of these lucky students will also get to attend the Mammouth Ball, a virtual graduation ceremony aired on Télé-Québec. 

The contest is open between June 1 and June 10 at 4 p.m.

All events such as outdoor picnics and grad book signings will be highly regulated to ensure social distancing rules and health protocols are respected. 

The precise details of these activities will be communicated to participating institutions in the coming weeks. 

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"I hope that many of them will participate in the special days to be held by the schools. Congratulations to all graduates and good luck in continuing your studies!" said Roberge.

Elementary schools outside of Montreal reopened in early May. But the government announced that schools in the city wouldn't reopen until the fall semester. 

High schools, cégeps, and universities across the province won't reopen until the fall semester.

And even then, some campuses won't go back to normal.

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