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Quebec Is Making Thousands More Laptops & Tablets Available For Students Who Need Them

It's going to be a weird school year.
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Quebec's Back-To-School Plan Includes Thousands Of Laptops & Tablets For Students Who Need Them

To ensure that all students can have access to electronics, the government is setting aside a huge reserve of computers for Quebec's upcoming school year. An emergency reserve of over 30,000 computers will be available for students in need. These devices are intended for students who do not have computers of their own, who are at risk, or who have physical or learning disabilities.

The Ministry of Education began a similar initiative last June, investing $150 million for computers and tablets in schools. 

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This new reserve "can be made available when the School Service Centres' inventories do not allow them to meet the needs of students."

"We make it a duty in the government to ensure the fundamental principle of equal opportunities for all in education," said Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education in a statement.

"All students, regardless of their situation, have the right to be able to count on adequate material, which will allow them to concentrate on their learning and their educational success."

"I am therefore very happy to support the network and to be able to ensure, for all students, access to a laptop or tablet thanks to this reserve."

Priority will be given to students in Secondary 4 and 5, as well as students that show "vulnerability factors that may influence their learning, success, behaviour and socialization."

The government's announcement comes after it released its plan for all Quebec school children to go back to class in September.

Among the highlights of the back-to-school plan is a mandatory mask rule that applies pretty much everywhere outside the classroom, where students can take them off and interact with their classmates.

Teachers will move between rooms for different subjects so that students can stay in one place all day.

With the exception of preschool teachers (who have to wear personal protective equipment), staff members also have to maintain two metres of distance from students.

Protocols are in the works so that a class or school can pivot to at-home online learning in the event of an outbreak.

Computer equipment could therefore be more critical than ever.

School attendance is mandatory for students unless they can present a note from a doctor to excuse them.

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