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This River In Quebec Is So Clear You'll Think You're Flying (VIDEO)

You can see all the way to the bottom.
Quebec's Rivière Bonaventure Is So Clear You'll Think You're Flying

Just because we can't fly overseas just yet, doesn't mean we can't feel like we are. Quebec's Rivière Bonaventure is so clear, you'll feel like you're soaring above the ground as you float downstream. Located on the Gaspé Peninsula , the river flows south to the Baie des Chaleurs, near the town of Bonaventure.

Bonaventure is an incredible destination in its own right, giving visitors a taste of Acadian culture, according to QuébecOriginal , a site managed by the provincial Ministry of Tourism.

The river water here is so clear that the sights below are as spectacular as the surrounding landscapes. Don't be surprised if you make a new friend in what QuébecOriginal calls its "salmon-rich waters."

The river is so gorgeous, that it's one of the "must-see" rivers in the province, according to Cime Aventure , a local campground and adventure park.

And we all know that Quebec takes its rivers very seriously.

Because it's so clear, it's the perfect spot for all types of activities, like kayaking, canoeing, SUPing (stand-up paddleboarding), and snorkelling.

There's also ziplining and aerial courses nearby.

Of course, the water is so amazing, you're going to want to just jump in no matter what — which you can do, too.

Cime Aventures offers some amazing packages to get you started.

And we already know that it's so beautiful that you're never going to want to leave. Luckily, there's accommodation, including cabins, campsites, and ecolodges.

For those of you like me who are already planning their weekend at the river, we're just in time: Cime is opening on June 19 for the season!

So who's ready to fly?

Rivière Bonaventure

Where: 200, chemin Athanase Arsenault, Bonaventure, QC

When: Starting June 19

Why You Need To Go: To find waters so clear that you'll feel like you're flying.


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