This Montreal-Based Nonprofit Is Helping Quebecers With Their Small Businesses During The Pandemic

They've got all the resources that you might need.
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This Montreal-Based Nonprofit Is Helping Quebecers With Their Small Businesses During The Pandemic

One of the worst consequences of the global pandemic is the demise of numerous local and small businesses.

As a way to protect the community, most decided to shut their doors in the early stages of COVID-19, costing them valuable revenue.

Unfortunately, as the months wear on, a lot of them have been forced to close up shop for good.

This has meant that many entrepreneurs feel apprehensive about starting or expanding their businesses in such an unprecedented situation.

One Montreal-based nonprofit, though, has recognized this problem and is helping Quebecers navigate these conditions — whether that means launching a new business, pivoting to meet new needs, or expanding.

They’re doing things like launching COVID-19-specific programming, led by qualified business coaches, hosting virtual entrepreneurship services, offering online resources, and much more!

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Providing English-language services, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship is a community organization that has assisted Quebecers province-wide in finding employment, plus launching and growing their own businesses, for 25 years.

YES Employment + Entrepreneurship organizes virtual entrepreneurship services, like business coaching, mentorship, and webinars — and they're coming in clutch more than ever right now. 

They offer plenty of great online resources to address the most common problems faced by startups.

This includes a lack of access to capital and support networks, difficulty understanding complex administrative rules, and struggles to obtain necessary information such as business plan development.

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YES Employment + Entrepreneurship can offer key guidance in any area when it comes to launching or growing your company.

And this isn't some random family member giving you unsolicited advice.

Instead, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship employs experts who can help you overcome pain points and identify opportunities.

These business coaches can assist you with:

  • Idea Evaluation and Business Set-Up 
  • Business Plan Review 
  • Market Research, Sales, and Marketing 
  • Advice on Financing Options and Resources 
  • Growing and Maintaining Your Business 
  • Importing/Exporting, Online Sales, Franchising, and more

Services like these are essential for young Quebecers trying to find their footing, but they're also excellent for more established businesses looking to evolve. 

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On November 20 and December 4, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship is offering their Risk, Response & Recovery Program that will help small business owners come up with a concrete plan to manage risks and maximize opportunities.  

During these crisis clinics, YES Employment + Entrepreneurship's business coaches provide you with the tools to:

  • Identify early warning signs
  • Create a crisis agenda
  • Generate a solution plan
  • Pivot and much more

The 50-minute appointments are conducted one-on-one with a business coach via phone or video conferencing.

The first clinic is free and then you only have to pay a $30 annual file fee for continued services.

This file fee gives you access to all of YES Employment + Entrepreneurship's resources — that means follow-up appointments, ongoing coaching with a dedicated team member, legal information clinics, accounting clinics, consultations at your place of business, and more. 

The clinics have limited space, so make sure to book your spot by visiting their website.

The pandemic has been especially tough on small businesses, but everyone has a role to play. The next time that you go shopping, support local and help the community. 

You can even let your favourite small businesses know about the services available at YES Employment + Entrepreneurship, which might really come in handy for them.

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Although it can feel incredibly rewarding to be a small business owner, the overall experience can be overwhelming — and sometimes even leave you feeling completely alone. 

YES Employment + Entrepreneurship is here to remind you that you're not, so reach out and see what they're all about! 

For more information on the Risk, Response & Recovery Program and YES Employment + Entrepreneurship, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.