You Can Now Start Your Theory Driving Courses Online From Home

This Montreal driving school is offering a great discount.
You Can Now Start Your Theory Driving Courses Online From Home

One of the most positive outcomes of the pandemic is that everyone has had the time to learn all sorts of new things, from figuring out how to bake bread to mastering Zoom.

It's not too late to add another item to that list of newly acquired skills. Now is the perfect time to get your driver’s license.

With École de conduite Lauzon (an independent banner located at Metro Jean-Talon, not to be confused with other Lauzon schools), you can now begin learning how to drive from the comfort of your home.

You can try out their online theory classes now and pay when you obtain your learner’s license. Available for a limited time only, the school is offering a discount of $137 on their full driving classes mandatory program, bringing it down to $800 plus taxes.

The best part? Zero hidden fees and no expiration date once you sign up. That's just another way that they're looking out for you.

École de conduite Lauzon

With this socio-economically responsible driving school, you can complete the Class 5 Road Safety Education Program (RSEP) required to become a knowledgeable, safe driver. 

Lauzon's driving classes are nothing like getting tips from your parents. Instead, you'll be learning from the pros.

All 12 modules cover everything from getting to know your vehicle to effectively sharing the road with others through interactive courses with a certified instructor.

You can obtain your learner’s license in as little as two months and practical courses can be booked upon availability.

École de conduite Lauzon

École de conduite Lauzon has students’ success and road security as their priority, especially during COVID-19, which is why their online courses are so accessible and convenient.

These online classes aren't going to involve you just listening to some boring teacher talk on and on. You'll receive materials in PowerPoint format and answer real-time questionnaires and surveys from a certified instructor to keep things interesting and interactive.

Another great aspect of these virtual classes is that you have the ability to choose the time (either during the day or after work hours) and the language in which you'll be taking classes (English or French).

École de conduite Lauzon

With Lauzon, you're not just helping yourself get ahead. The driving school is committed to supporting the employees within their industry, the community, and the environment.

Through their actions, they aim to revamp the driving school industry and create positive change.

Lauzon has partnered with Moisson Montréal, a non-profit organization, to help feed families and individuals in need, and with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity, to help plant trees all over the world.

For each student that registers, up to nine families will be helped and as many as 30 trees will be planted.

Wassim Chouak | Unsplash

This is part of what makes École de conduite Lauzon the first socio-economically responsible driving school in Quebec.

It's no wonder why they've seen a huge increase of students during the pandemic, with over 5,000 individuals signing up; students who have not only helped themselves but have also done some good for the community and planet.

If you know a certified driving school trainer-instructor, reach out to Lauzon as they’re hiring!

On a less selfless note, completing these courses means that the next time your parents try to outsmart you about road rules, you can come out on top. You'll be teaching them, and it's a great thing to be the expert.

To register for École de conduite Lauzon's online driving courses, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram.