Montreal's Secret Orange Julep Recipe Has Finally Been Revealed

Yesterday I came across an article that claimed they knew the real recipe for Orange Julep.

In case you didn't know, the Orange Julep recipe is pretty much the Montreal equivalent of the KFC Secret herbs and spices and if you look around the internet long enough, you'll find a lot of copycat recipes. But they're never quite the same. 

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But now, Propos Montreal claims they found the patent for the recipe and here's what it said: 

However it's likely that this is the recipe for the bottled version since we know the real one uses "fresh sunkist oranges".

But there's the thing, the bottled version tastes the same just fresher. The closest equivalent I've ever tried was this one.

It's the same recipe but it replaces pectin with egg whites and uses real sugar and real milk. So the difference between this patented version and the secret recipe may just be fresh ingredients.