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The Number Of People Allowed In Public Gatherings Goes Up Today In Quebec

Up to 250 people are now allowed.
Public Gatherings In Quebec Can Now Be Up To 250 People

As of Monday, August 3, 2020, the number of people allowed in indoor and outdoor public gatherings in Quebec is 250. Previously, the number of people allowed in indoor gatherings was 50.

The Quebec government announced this new rule on July 23. The regulation is for "performance venues, theatres, movie theatres, audiences attending a production, amateur sports events and training, places of worship, courtrooms and rented rooms, including community rooms."

250 people can gather indoors and outdoors in Quebec public spaces 

In all cases, people must remain socially distanced and wear face-coverings indoors.

The following activities remain prohibited, however: "festivals and major events; regular vacation camps with stays; and fight sports."

"Everyone's collaboration, particularly through the application of physical distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask or face cover when indicated, is essential to ensure the success of this new stage," said Richard Massé, strategic medical advisor at the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

Private gatherings, both indoor and out, are still limited to 10 people.

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