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Quebec Is Making Masks Mandatory For All Students Grade 5 & Up Except In The Classroom

Students will have to mask up in common areas.
Quebec's Back To School Plan Includes Mandatory Masks In Common Areas For Grades 5 & Up

Schools will reopen this fall and students will be allowed to go mask-less in their classrooms. "We want to preserve this facility of communication," announced Education Minister Jean-François Roberge in a Monday press conference, during which he announced the plan for the return to Quebec schools. "Face to face contact is important." Public health officials have approved this step, he said.  

The minister said there will be a mandatory mask requirement for students in Grade 5 and up but the rule will only apply in common areas like lunchrooms and hallways.  

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All adults, from parents to staff, will be required to wear masks, too.  

Parents coming to see their kids in a play will have to mask up upon entering the school.

Kids aged 10 and up will be required to wear masks on the school bus, as well as public transportation.  

Younger students will not be required to wear masks but their teachers are encouraged to wear personal protective equipment, he said.  

Quebec's initial back-to-school strategy was released in June and called for dividing classrooms into "bubbles" of six students.

However, the minister said this would not be happening now.   "It's important to have stable classes to minimize risks of infection," he said.

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