Quebec Launched A Chilling New Ad To Get You To Take COVID-19 More Seriously (VIDEO)

It shows one man's horrific experience with the disease.
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Quebec Launched A Chilling New Ad To Get You To Take COVID-19 More Seriously (VIDEO)

The government has published a video aimed at getting the population to take the pandemic more seriously. Quebec's new COVID-19 ad depicts a resident who had a tracheotomy after suffering from the disease. 

The man, Francis, explains that he worked as a construction contractor but is no longer capable of doing the job.

A caption says that he needed to be hospitalized for 45 days, 12 of which he spent in a coma.

"Believe me, COVID-19 is serious," Francis says at the end of the video between breaths.

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In an Instagram post accompanying the video, Premier François Legault "[thanked] him for having had the courage to testify."

"Since March, thousands of Quebecers have been hospitalized, including more than 1,000 in intensive care," he wrote.

"Behind these numbers, there are real people like Francis.
It could happen to our parents, our brother, our sister, our children or our friends."

The premier first announced a new series of ads like this on September 17.

The ads will feature "testimonies from people who either had COVID or had a close relative who unfortunately died of COVID," he said.

He also suggested the government would do more outreach work in the coming weeks, including possibly collaborating with celebrities.

The new ad comes as Quebec enters a second wave of infections.

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