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In an April 5 AccuWeather blog post, Dr. Gordon Telepun advised anyone hoping to get a good view of the 2024 total solar eclipse to avoid hosting parties.

"If you are lucky and the weather is predicted to be good at your house on eclipse day, that’s convenient for you, but if you have to travel away from your house for eclipse day, so be it," he wrote. "DO NOT plan a party at your house for eclipse day. You cannot be obligated to be a host or hostess at your house!"

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If you've found it hard to make sense of time during the COVID-19 pandemic, you wouldn't be alone. The phenomenon of time feeling SO weird in lockdown is not just a Montreal thing — it's occurring around the world as people grapple with long periods of blandness and isolation. The proof is in the countless memes and GIFs depicting mass confusion over what day, month and even year it is. 

So why does it feel like it's still March 2020 yet also like 1,000 years have passed since then? What's up with the collective sense of time dysmorphia? What can we do about it? We asked Professor Eric Lewis, who researches philosophy and music at McGill University, for some insight. 

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