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hema quebec

Héma-Québec is adding a new measure to all types of blood donations starting December 4, 2022: the use of a gender-neutral questionnaire. It's a move the agency says will make blood and platelet donations more inclusive in the province.

This new measure follows the elimination of the three-month wait period for men having sex with men.

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In a move that's about bloody time, Health Canada announced on Thursday that it will end the three-month delay on blood donations from sexually active queer men. The restriction has long been called discriminatory against men who have sex with men, but the rule change won't extend to Quebec for a while longer.

Héma-Québec responded that while it is pleased with the Health Canada update, and intends to follow through on a similar plan initiated last December, and its blood ban won't be lifted before next year.

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We're more than a week into the latest Quebec curfew, so you may be all over the rules around who is and isn't allowed out between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Or maybe you aren't. They can get a little confusing.

Luckily, the Government of Quebec's website clearly lays out 15 exemptions to the curfew. If you don't meet any of these criteria and you're outside during the seven hours we're not supposed to be, you could face a fine of $1,000 to $6,000.

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A social media ad calling for plasma donors has garnered hundreds of "likes" and "shares." But it has also sparked controversy with over a dozen commenters accusing Héma-Québec of homophobic practices that exclude gay men.

"Quebec needs plasma donors," the sponsored post says. The caption reads: "Plasma donation changes the lives of thousands of Quebecers. Plan your visit to a donation centre near you."

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Put your fan-fevour to good use and support both the Habs and Héma-Québec on Tuesday, November 25th at the Bell Centre for the Montreal Canadiens-evenko blood drive, in collaboration with RDS.

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