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The once-named Montreal Impact soccer team certainly has a dedicated fan club. One of its biggest, the Ultras Montréal, along with several other fan clubs, have launched a petition against the new "Club de Foot Montréal" team name. 

The petition, which has over 4,800 signatures as of January 25, is "raising an alarm" to show "the real emotion that this rebranding arouses for our community."

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The discussions of inclusivity and racial diversity have definitely come to the forefront in the last year more than ever before. But what does it mean for the children of today and future generations?

Two Montreal dads decided to take that answer into their own hands and start YMMA, a company that makes dolls from Africa to help introduce children of African and non-African descent to these topics from an early age.

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Hurricane Irma may be relatively far away from Canada but that doesn't mean we won't feel it's effect. 

According to the latest news, Irma isn't expected to reach Canada but it will come very close. Lucky for us it's going to weaken as it reaches the southern parts of Ontario and Quebec. So we might see some freaky weather, but nothing close to a hurricane. 

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It is summer and love is in the air of Montreal! All the couples are out doing those cute things. Boyfriends are taking their girlfriends out but let's be honest, we sometimes forget that it's nice to give back you our boyfriends and treat them. I think it's about time that we girls start treating our boyfriends to fun romantic dates.

All of the places mentioned below are great ways to treat your boyfriend but they are also super fun for you too! I have personally taken my boyfriend to a majority of these places and I can honestly say we had a blast. I'm not saying that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on dates so I have compiled this list based on dates that are under 50$ each.

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In a city where everyone seems to be busy on Saturday nights, it's hard being that one person who prefers to stay in. To you, weekends are for catching up on work, eating toast, marathon-ing Netflix, and wearing your pyjamas for 48 hours straight. You like that you live in an exciting city, but more out of your local pride than out of a genuine desire to stay there all night, every night.

There may be a wild and exciting world out there, but honestly, you're content to let it stay where it is - out there. Sometimes you're boring, and that's okay.

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