On Monday, Montreal's Major League Soccer team, the Montreal Impact, announced a name change along with a new logo. 

Henceforth, the team shall be known as the Club de Foot Montréal. Accepted abbreviations include CF Montréal, CFM and CFMTL.

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In order to keep on growing and progressing, we are making an important change.

Club de Foot Montréal President & CEO Kevin Gilmore.

Social media reactions have been mixed, to say the least, with some fans promising their continued loyalty to the team and excitement over the new identity, with many others expressing disappointment.

In a statement, the club President and CEO Kevin Gilmore said that "this transformation is inspired by the culture of our city, its people, as well as the history of our Club and our sport in Montreal, to lead us into an even brighter future."

Some fans aren't convinced.

One top comment on Instagram said the new name sounds more like that of a neighbourhood club.

Others took issue with the use of "foot" instead of "soccer." 

Most of the ire seemed to be directed at the team's new logo, described in a press release as "a circular crest composed of elements that tell the story of the brand and establish the essence of Club de Foot Montréal’s DNA, strongly inspired by our city."

Several commenters on Instagram seized the opportunity to call the team "the snowflakes."

A popular reply on Twitter likened the logo to, um, something else.

The club also unveiled new colours (black, "Ice Gray" and "Sacré Bleu") and a new motto: Droit Devant — Always Forward.

"We wanted to connect our identity even more strongly to that of our city," Justin Kingsley, co-creative director of Club de Foot Montréal, said in a statement.

"We were inspired by Montréal and its supporters to create this local Montreal brand image, made by Montrealers, to state that we are here to stay."

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