CF Montréal Is Investigating An Alleged Violent Incident At Saputo Stadium

There are different accounts of what happened.

An alleged violent incident at Saputo Stadium on Saturday night has prompted an investigation from CF Montréal.

In an account circulating on Twitter, a CF Montréal supporter claims that their boyfriend was attacked by a group of Ultras Montréal, a supporter's group, for wearing a CF Montreal jersey. The Ultras responded by claiming the individual was intoxicated "to the point of vomiting" and throwing beer on the pitch. They also claim he pushed a young girl.

The Ultras Montreal group, who launched a petition against CF Montreal in January, is very critical of the team's new name and branding but said that their actions on Saturday had "no connection" with the person's jersey choice.

The individual, however, said that the Ultras "insulted" their boyfriend and "demanded that he take off his jersey."

"I don't know how many people jumped him. He protected himself with his arms and received innumerable blows," the post claims.

The Ultras said it was they who alerted security.

"We remind you that CF Montreal does not accept any act of intimidation or violence at Saputo Stadium," the team wrote in a statement.

"It is crucial for our Club that fans, as well as players from the visiting team, can show up at the stadium safely and without fear of being targeted by such acts."