Instagram is full of BFFs travelling the globe together and showing off everything they do in their free time. And sometimes, the best friends you see on the screen aren't human ones! Kiki and Leila are a set of bestie Barbie dolls from Ontario, who simply adore spending time in Montreal.

The Robidolls Instagram account currently has 1,099 followers. But the accounts social media presence is growing daily due to their fun styles, colourful loft decor and of course, the dolls' love for Montreal

The pair were even recently spotted roaming around Quebec City, another one of our favourite cities.

We decided that we wanted to know more about this dynamic duo, so we reached out to Jena Robitaille, the face behind this unique page, to see how it all came to be.

Robitaille is from Ontario and typically does most of the content creation on her own. But, she did tell us that her supportive husband lends her a helping hand whenever it's needed.

She told us that as a shy person, she always admired online bloggers and YouTubers but was never able to put herself out there in the same way they do.

"I love to travel and create things but I've always been too shy to showcase it."

The mother of two went on to tell us that one day she "came across a picture of a Barbie doll wearing an outfit from a fashion influencer as outfit inspiration and that's when the idea of starting a doll account first came to [her]."

Like many of us, when she was younger, Barbies were the main toys she played with.

And since she loves to explore "places and craft things" she decided to base this account with all the things she loves.

Her brother is more experienced in toy photography and was able to give her some tips and tricks when it comes to creating this account. 

Yes, toy photography is a thing and it's awesome.

We also asked her what the online doll world is like and she opened up to us letting us know that it's actually "quite welcoming," and that a lot of the people behind these pages are "very friendly and genuine."

Jena has actually found herself creating friendships and even having the desire to meet some people face to face one day.

"It's such a heart-warming and talented community."

I know we're not the only ones who hope to run into this duo one day in our city, so keep your eyes open folks!

They'll likely be back again soon.

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