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jacques cartier

It currently takes about 40 minutes by foot to get from the (approximate) shore of Montreal's Centre-Sud neighbourhood to the western shore of Île Sainte-Hélène via the Jacques Cartier Bridge . A proposal to plop an elevator on either side of the bridge would reduce the journey to just over 10 minutes.

Les AmiEs du courant Sainte-Marie, an organization that advocates for better access to the river for residents of Ville-Marie, is putting forward the plan as one way to both improve the pedestrian link to Parc Jean-Drapeau and capitalize on views from the iconic bridge.

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The best time of the week is already upon us. And that means we're all trying to figure out unique things to do in Montreal this weekend to switch up our routine a little bit.

Well, here are 11 ideas to consider if you're hoping to find a reason to leave your home when Friday comes around.

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With regions of Quebec in partial lockdown , it's shaping up to be an uneventful October. It's understandable that containing the spread of COVID-19 is a priority over Halloween, but it's still sad to watch Montreal's spooky season pass us by without proper recognition.

Luckily, Montreal is 378 years old (founded in 1642) meaning it has a plethora of old churches, cemeteries, gothic architecture and creepy hotels.

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One of the most notoriously popular projects planned for Montreal's 375th has got to be the illumination of the Jacques Cartier bridge.

Some people are very excited at the thought of having a massive illuminated landmark like the (but not quite as cool as) the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Truth time: Montreal is liberal AF. You can pretty much do whatever you want... but, like every other place in the world, there are certain things that you just straight-up should not do.

READ ALSO: 27 Bad Habits All Montrealers Have

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Photo cred - Katelyn Lopez

Although it can be great to live in a big city, full of its many conveniences, it’s nice to get away. But big vacations can be a hassle, not to mention they can also come with a big bill, so this summer why not try getting in touch with nature by checking out some of the incredible provincial parks found throughout Quebec?

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