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If you live in Montreal and you have a car, you know that dreaded feeling of hearing the snow removal siren — and then running out your door to move your vehicle so it doesn't get ticketed or towed

Now that the snow's coming down harder, and with the city's snow removal season officially in session, here are the top three hacks you need to know to avoid getting ticketed or towed this winter. 

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With over 20 centimetres of snow falling in the past couple of days, the City of Montreal announced that snow removal season is officially beginning on January 3. 

A statement from the city says that, as of tomorrow, nearly 2,200 snow removal vehicles will start "loading operations" on Montreal's 10,000 km of streets, sidewalks and bike paths, in all its boroughs. Spreading and clearing operations are set to take "as long as necessary to ensure safe travel."

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Montrealers who are worried about where to park during their neighbourhood's snow removal are in luck because over 1,000 free overnight parking spaces in Montreal will be made available during snow removal operations. 

"Some 1,212 parking spaces will be offered in several boroughs during snow loading periods," said Laurent Chevrot, general manager of the Agence de mobilité durable. 

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Looking at the weather in Montreal, you're probably thinking that winter isn't anywhere close. But guess what, it's November, and snow can literally happen at any time. With this in mind and in an effort not to be caught sleeping when the first big snowstorm hits, the officials have outlined Montreal's snow removal plans for the upcoming winter.

Here's what the city is planning and what it means for you.

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If you're anything like me, then you get heart palpitations every time you hear those dreaded tow truck sirens. In the winter, you just never know when the spot you're in will suddenly be off limits.

Well now you can plan ahead because you'll always know exactly when your street is going to be cleared, you just have to check the INFO-Neige App.

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This new Montreal app "WeDo" is here to clean your entrance and get it free of snow. It is, indeed, the Uber of snow removal.

The new app books an employee instantly to come shovel your snow. The offer pops up on the WeDo's employees front page and the first worker to take the offer, gets it. 80% of the price is given back to the worker and the app keeps 20%.

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Photo cred -@thefatjewish

Alec Falkenham is a PhD student from Halifax who is developing a revolutionary tattoo removal method. His medical work involved targeting specific heart cells which made him realize that the same concept could be used to target cells that contain tattoo ink. According to an article by Global News Alec has developed a cream that could eventually be used as an alternative to laser tattoo removal by penetrating the skin and killing the tattooed cells while leaving the other cells intact.

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