Looking at the weather in Montreal, you're probably thinking that winter isn't anywhere close. But guess what, it's November, and snow can literally happen at any time. With this in mind and in an effort not to be caught sleeping when the first big snowstorm hits, the officials have outlined Montreal's snow removal plans for the upcoming winter.

Here's what the city is planning and what it means for you.

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Everything is in place to allow us to react effectively and allow Montrealers to enjoy winter in a safe manner.

Mayor Valérie Plante

Mayor Plante said that "snow removal operations are becoming more complex from year to year, in particular, due to climate changes which modify our winters and have an impact on our operations."

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, snow removal operations in 2020 will need to adapt to the new reality. 

Several measures will be put in place to improve snow removal operations and ensure safe winter travels for the public such as: 

● the addition of 2,000 free parking spaces; 

● "rapid withdrawal of parking bans" once snow removal operations are completed on your street;

● "special attention" to sidewalk cleaning;

● the "implementation of an emergency plan" to allow "safe mobility of employees between boroughs;"

● and removing snow from park trails "to allow everyone to enjoy outdoor activities."

"It will be necessary, as every year, to be able to count on the collaboration of everyone to ensure the good progress of the operations," said executive committee member Jean-François Parenteau.

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