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It's been a pretty wild couple of months in the world of canine couture. Especially for Tika the Iggy, Montreal's most stylish dog. 

While the fashion-forward pup has also experienced the all-too-real feeling of being all dressed up with nowhere to go for the last ten months, the Italian greyhound, with the help of audio from @lorena.pages, shared a video that has not only made her go viral but has landed her coverage by the iconic publication, Vogue.

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Keep your eyes peeled — in a couple weeks at least. Halle Berry has officially arrived in Montreal to (apparently) film her new movie Moonfall, directed by Roland Emmerich.

The A-list actress posted a photo to Instagram with the caption "hello Montréal," with a view of the city and foliage of Mount Royal in the distance.

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When it comes to inspiring Montreal locals, there's one person that comes to mind for me: Nalie Agustin. Agustin self-describes as a "wellness advocate, author, speaker" and "cancer thriver," but she's so much more than that. She's a fighter, a survivor, and a role model to so many.

Not only has she earned a spot in the hearts of many Montrealers, but she's also gotten the attention of A-list celebrities including both Rihanna and French Montana. 

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